Overview of the company


  • Company nameInzidisplay Co. Ltd.

    Company typeListed on KOSDAQ

  • Date of establishment17-Mar-92

    Business areasManufacturing of displays,
    ceramic parts

  • Number of employees5000 (including employees overseas)

    CharacteristicsHolder of number 1 market share in Chassis rears. ,
    Market leader for environment-friendly autoparts


Holder of number 1 market share in chassis rears

Inzidisplay was established in 1992 with a focus on the manufacturing and sale of TFT-LCD parts.The company was listed on KOSDAQ in December, 1999 and has been manufacturing top chassis items for TFT-LCD panel modules and BTM chassis used in BLU. Through plants in Vietnam, Mexico and China, the company is boosting its global competitiveness

Annual revenue

Key products

  • Curved bottom chassis
  • Flat bottom chassis
  • Double attachment bottom chassis
  • Lower Crank Case
  • Parts for automatic accelerators
  • Environment-friendly parts
  • Ceramic heaters (tube type, instant water heater)
  • Ceramic heaters(MLC, optic telecom parts)
  • Heater assembly parts (electric boilers, water heaters)